Friday, November 26, 2010

Ryan and Jason

Aili wanted to get some portraits of the boys against the beautiful fall foliage. Didn't even have to leave the neighborhood for this one! We're fortunate to have
so many choices for portraits so close to home.

She took advantage of the "Fast 5 for $25" special offer for these shots. Fast for me, good deal for her!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Julia's First Birthday

You mean I get to come to the party, and take lots of pictures of your adorable 1 year old daughter? Of course I agreed to attend and capture images from Julia's birthday party. We did a mini-shoot in the grandparents terrific back yard, and of course caught the cake lighting, eating, and... squishing!


Marine Corp Ball 2010

Marketing pays off. Not right away or as soon as we business owners might
like, but it does pay off. A year ago, I did some complementary shots at
the Riverbend Fall Festival. Months later, a parent of a child I photographed
remembered my work, which led to getting the job to provide portraits at the
USMC Ball.

It was great working with everyone that evening. It was a pleasure and an honor
to work the event; looking forward to next year!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


When do you need a professional photographer? How about when it's time
to get that special photo of your new daughter in a family heirloom dress!

The dress Nora wore was worn by her mother as a baby, and I think her
grandmother as well. I was honored to be trusted with such a special



The best compliment a photographer can get is repeat business.
I was excited to have a chance to shoot Megan again. I just
knew she's pop with a black background!

Her brothers are next, coming soon.