Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A photographer that I work with often was not able to shoot Marc and Lauren's wedding, so she referred them to me. Honored to have the referral! We took engagement pictures at the venue where they will be getting married on Aug 30, 2014. Here's one from that session.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jack and Heather

Jack and Heather had their wedding and ceremony at Victory Ridge Country Club in Denver. It was such as nice wedding! No loud band, very relaxed. The piano player was so talented! The weather threatened rain, but stayed away during the ceremony.


Travis and Tamara

The second couple that I am working with from the referral from my high school classmate is Travis and Tamara.

We shot their pics at a pond that is on the family has on their property. Very pretty, and private. Some late afternoon sun provided some great lighting for us.


Mitchell and Molly

Wedding at my old church, reception at Rodi in Gastonia. Familiar territory all!
Beautiful wedding, fun reception. Glad to have been a part of it.



Molly and Mitchell heard about my work via word of mouth at their church, First United Methodist in Mt. Holly. Which shares the same parking lot as the studio. I'm sure to never have a wedding closer to the studio! She liked the gallery of Candice's bridal shoot so much we decided to shoot her bridal pics in the same venue. Terrific spot, with great results.

Bridal Wedding

Lisa and Billy

A fellow Patriot from the class of 1982 learned that I was a photographer at our 30th high school reunion. She likes my work, and hired me to shoot both of her sons weddings this year! Billy and Lisa's engagement photos were the first up. We spent a warm (ok, hot) afternoon at Freedom park. A favorite location, good results!


Tesha and Jusu

Tesha and I spent a lot of time together! She opted for the full package, which includes engagement and bridal pictures. Her galleries came out great. Wishing her and Jusu all the best.